Student Cooking:

Cooking for yourself - for the first time - is hard! Particularly when you have to do it every day. Here is a selection of cheap, easy recipes that can be put together with not a lot of effort or time.

Chicken Passanda

from Good Housekeeping A very tasty creamy, mildly spicy curry slightly adapted from a recipe from Good Housekeeping Money saving tip: Use chicken thighs rather than breast. Approximate cost: £2.62 for 2 (£1.31 each) (Prices are current from Sainsburys web-site … Continue reading

Macaroni Cheese

Learning to cook can be hard! Especially if its every evening AND made more difficult by not wanting to spend much money. So over the next few weeks I’m hoping to post a number of easy, cheap and relatively quick … Continue reading

No-cook Tomato and Feta Sauce

What can you cook for supper when your kitchen is covered in dust-sheets and there is sawdust everywhere? [Finally – having left it FAR too long – we have sanded down our lovely wooden kitchen worktops to re-oil them. So … Continue reading

Paprika Chicken with Feta

Entertaining on a weekday can make for some interesting challenges, can’t it? The ideal is a sumptuous meal (of course), prepared with minimum effort, in not very much time, which will deeply impress your guests. Or so we hope. This … Continue reading

Chicken Kurma

This is one of our family standbys – simple, reasonably quick and not expensive. I’ve cooked it for years and it’s always popular – a good solid four star meal. So having packed Student Son off to Uni after a … Continue reading

Ten-minute Flapjacks

This recipe has got me out of trouble on many an occasion. For instance – the time my parents turned up for tea and I realized as they walked in the door that the children had eaten the cake I’d … Continue reading

What price tinned tomatoes? – and a budget recipe: Sausage Casserole

You would expect – wouldn’t you? – that a week of living on pasta and mixed veg (total cost 28p a portion) would you make you VERY grateful to be able to go back to a more varied, tasty (and … Continue reading

Tuna Fish-cakes

Steamy, buttery mashed potato is one of my favourite foods, although my eldest hates it (- what’s there to hate?). But the cold and clammy version found in the fridge the next day is distinctly unappealing – combine them with … Continue reading