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Lemon Curd fairy cakes with Lemon Drizzle

I still think it’s hard to beat fairy cakes if you’re looking for the perfect sized cake. I know we’ve been making all sorts of other size cakes in recent years – triple layers, cupcakes piled high with frosting, cake … Continue reading

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Carrot Cake Muffins

Today seemed like a day for Cake. But then there aren’t many days – or times of the day when cake doesn’t suit, are there? Coffee, teatime, dessert – all perfect cake eating opportunities. Call it a muffin and you … Continue reading

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Pear Tarte Tatin

Considering that Tarte Tatin apparently started life as an accident it is one of the most amazingly delicious desserts that you can make! It was apparently first made by accident by one of the Tatin sisters at their hotel in … Continue reading

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Lemon Shortbread

Lemon Shortbread

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” – or so the saying goes.
But when I was wondering what to do with my leftover lemons last week, lemonade didn’t seem quite right …

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Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes

They say that cooking is a Science. So as my contribution to pushing back the frontiers I decided to do some research into how to create the Perfect Brownies – but not just ordinary Brownies, I wanted to make Brownie … Continue reading

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