Menu Plan – 14th April

Isn’t it great to have good weather with the school holidays?
But with lovely weather outside you don’t really want to spend long in the kitchen with the sunshine outside so I’m going for quick meals this week – and baking has been ‘no-bake‘!

We went a bit off plan last week – everyone in the family has been taking their turn at cooking supper and they like to make their own minds up what they want to cook!

The award for best meal of the week must go to Youngest Son who cooked homemade pizza. He used this recipe but got the bread-maker to make the dough. Then he finished it off – including trying to learn how to toss the pizza dough as the experts do (I’m sure you can imagine what the kitchen looked like after that!). The end results were brilliant and voted the best pizzas we’d ever had by the whole family.

What are you planning to do this holidays??

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