A month of meals for less than £5 – and a weekly menu plan

Happy New Year!

It’s January. The celebrations are over and it’s back to normality. No more over-indulging. In fact probably a bit of under-indulging wouldn’t go amiss in this household – so it’s back to budget menu planning with a bump!

I haven’t posted menu plans (or anything much) for a while leading up to Christmas. We had a bit of illness in the family over the last few weeks so there hasn’t been a lot of time, but fortunately everyone is now recovering well. But I feel I owe you an update on my aim to have a whole month of meals for less than a fiver.

To be honest I wasn’t quite sure that I would manage it without repeating meals several times, but we did manage four week’s worth of low cost meals, without having to compromise on taste – and without the family noticing (apart from the coley kurma disaster!). I need to catch up on recipes, but I’ll try to gradually publish the menu plans together with accompanying recipes in the next few weeks.

Keeping below £5 for the whole main course (including side dishes and vegetables) can be a bit of a challenge and it has made me look closer at using more vegetables, more pulses and estimating portion sizes better.

And I’ve found some great new recipes

If you want to see the individual menu plans with recipe links here they are:

  1. Week 1: Roast Sausages and a Weekly Menu Plan
  2. Week 2: More Low Cost Meals and a Weekly Menu Plan
  3. Week 3: Another Week – Another Budget Menu Plan
  4. Week 4: Week Four and a Fourth Budget Menu Plan

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