To ‘Lose’ at Wimbledon…

I’m writing this with bandaged fingers, feeling completely mentally exhausted after the nail biting emotional roller-coaster of the Wimbledon final. What an incredible match!

First Federer was winning…

…then Djokovic

…then Federer


…Yes! – DJOKOVIC!!


And if I’m feeling like this when I didn’t really mind who won, just imagine how the competitors must feel?! Particularly Federer.

Djokovic can bask in an exhausted glow of achievement. Surely Federer – despite all his years of experience – must still give in to the (at least occasional) thoughts of “if only…”. All that investment of time and energy – the years of practice – the living, breathing, sleeping tennis – giving everything out there on the court – playing INCREDIBLE tennis – and then losing!

But it’s not really losing is it? To be Runner Up amongst all those other brilliant players is still something that the masses of us can only dream of.

And how many of us so determinedly go after what we want in life? With the focus, dedication, and sheer hard work that those world-class players show?

How many of us are even prepared to announce to our friends (let alone the world) what really drives us?

Not me.

For example –
A few years ago, shortly after my second son was born, I became a christian. Whether or not you agree with the decision, I’m sure you’ll agree that it is (or should be) a life-changing one. But has it changed my focus? (Yes, but…) How much of my time do I give to it? (..) And how many of my friends and colleagues would even know this? (Well…).

I’m not exactly proud of the answers.

You have to admire people who know what they want – are prepared to commit to it whole-heartedly – to announce their dreams to the world – and to show such grace in both victory and defeat.

Definitely food for thought there.

What about you? What drives you?

And are you afraid who knows it??

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