Menu Plan – Sorted!

Once a Month cooking is beginning to grow on me.

Yes – really!
The day of cooking was hard work, but I have to admit that the last week or two of having suppers sorted has been LOVELY.

There has definitely been less stress about getting the evening meal, but I’ve also noticed one or two other quite interesting things:

  • Considerably less visits to the shops during the week.
  • We seem to have less food waste – no doubt due to the fact that if you’re cooking double of a recipe that only needs (eg) half a tub of pesto, then you use the whole thing.
  • And (perhaps most interesting of all) we spent less on our food bills last month than we have before – despite the fact that I prepped meals for a WHOLE month half way through July. I hadn’t expected that cooking once a month would reduce costs, but it does mean you can take good advantage of what’s on offer when you’re cooking. It’ll be interesting to see if it really makes a difference long-term.

So, having made it fairly clear that I didn’t enjoy prepping all those meals at one time, the advantages of it are beginning to grow on me. I guess we’ll know the verdict when we see what happens next month!

Whatever happens then, meals are sorted this week (the late posting is due to a busy weekend, not a delay in menu planning!) – assuming the freezer continues working and I remember to defrost things…

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