Take One Roast Chicken and make three (+) meals

You will be pleased to hear that our chicken did NOT end up in the bin.
Yes – ‘only’ 86,000,000 chickens thrown away this year, not 86,000,001.

One chicken turned into:

  1. Roast Chicken with all the trimmings on Saturday before Student Son went back to Uni.
  2. Chicken Kurma using half the leftover chicken which was as tasty as usual.
  3. Chicken, Courgette and Feta Frittata Crustless Quiche with the remaining chicken was very good and will have to be made again. It’s clearly very versatile – I chucked in a few different veg that needed using up and it was delicious.
  4. The chicken stock gave our Leek and Potato Soup a gorgeous rich flavour, and we still have a litre of chicken stock in the freezer as we had a last minute change of plan.

In the end it cost just over £21 for the four meals, and that was starting with a free range chicken.


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