Live Below the Line – Progress so far

As I cook my morning flatbreads on the morning of Day four I have to admit that this diet is getting very monotonous. Living on a pound a day for all your food and drink is much more of a challenge than I ever thought possible.

Progress so far has been up and down but I thought I would catch you up on how it has been going – so:

Day One: Oh for a cup of tea!

Spent the grand total of £4.98, so it now has to last me the whole five days. Slight feeling of panic at that thought.


Day Two: Not at all bad

A good day – going well. In fact a small feeling of pride started to bloom at how well I was coping until I started to become ever-so-slightly irritable (the family might phrase it differently) in the evening.


Day Three: Why am I doing this?

The grumpiness continued so I wavered and breakfast was a LOVELY cup of tea and a bowl of muesli. At a cost of 29p I decided to trade 4 eggs for it (@ 9p each that was 36p but it was well worth paying over the odds!)
This is, of course, cheating as the rules clearly state that we should buy the whole packets. I’ve stuck to the straight and narrow ever since and I’m hoping my sponsors will be kind…

Thoughts so far?

My most overwhelming, clamouring thought is that this can’t end soon enough. This challenge is hard. But think of all the money Tearfund will get.

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