Ham, Spring Onion and Cheese Quiche and A Weekly Menu Plan

Last week was a good week : fine weather – it’s lovely having the children home – and I found some great new recipes in the kitchen.

Of course 50 years ago, it wasn’t such a good week for some – the Great Train Robbery got away with £2.6 million – Wikepedia tells us that is equivalent to £46 million today!

You could certainly buy a good few of our new favourite meal with that amount. At £3.23 for 5-6 servings, Ham, Spring Onion and Cheese Quiche is not an expensive meal, but is very tasty. Ham together with spring onions was not a combination I’d tried before, but they seem to complement each other beautifully. You can see the recipe here.

As you can imagine, we still have some cooked ham sitting in the freezer waiting to be used up, so that will figure on the menu this week. So the rest of the week looks like this …

What’s your family’s favourite meal?

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6 Responses to Ham, Spring Onion and Cheese Quiche and A Weekly Menu Plan

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Everything looks and sounds fab! Especially the Salmon x

  2. Glenda Gee says:

    What happens at week ends? I like the sound of the meals you have planned.

    • annie says:

      Yes it does look a bit short doesn’t it?! I find that with our family, 5 meals quite often does 7 days by the time people have had evenings out or we’ve used up leftovers, so I tend not to plan the whole week. And if I’m end up short it gives me a chance to try out some new and exciting recipe!

  3. BBQs rock, have a lovely one and enjoy the sunshine 🙂 x

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