What’s in Your Freezer?

My freezer is dead.
Or at least dying.
Or perhaps something is killing it??

Anyway – its stopped working three times in the last month. The trip switch just clicks off in the middle of the night and we come down in the morning to a quiet, non-functioning freezer, dripping in the corner.
It’s a big freezer – taller than me and I’m tall – so it can store alot. So there’s a lot of food to eat suddenly – we are poorer but our neighbours seem to like us…

So – I now have to start again. Which made me think – what should a respectable too-busy-to-cook cook have in their freezer?
Or even – should I have a freezer at all? Yes, I confess I did wonder that (fleetingly).

You only have to turn on the TV to see yet another celebrity chef rummaging through their vegetable patch or tripping through the market looking for lovely fresh ingredients. And there is no doubt that really fresh food can taste delicious! But for for mere mortals like me who do the internet shopping once a week and have been known to find things at the bottom of the vegetable drawer that have been there so long they are virtually unidentifiable – then freezing has alot going for it!

what should you freeze2

So – what should you have in your freezer? I read an article once in which some celebrity said that he kept paint brushes in the freezer. I’ve never quite managed to work out why one might want to do that (thought I’m sure there was a good reason?) so I don’t think I’ll put them on the list. I’m more of a use-the-freezer-to-keep-food-in sort of person myself!

So – I came up with this list of the Top Ten Things to keep in my freezer:

  1. Frozen veg – peas / sweetcorn etc – for those times when you need to produce a meal but its been days since you’ve had the chance to get to the shops for anything fresh
  2. Frozen chopped herbs – garlic and ginger, although you can get others. A packet lasts forever and its a really quick and convenient way to add herbs to things
  3. Ice-cream – ordinary for the kids and a nicer variety that you can use as an emergency pudding if friends drop in
  4. Bread – sliced bread that you can toast direct from the freezer for breakfasts and part-baked rolls, or those breads / rolls that need a bit of cooking before eating for sandwich lunches.
  5. Ice – because it is nice in drinks, although maybe not so much at this time of year!
  6. Semi-skimmed milk – in plastic bottles! Although they can make a terrible mess in the freezer if – like me – you forget to freeze them upright and the top pops off. Also – its not really a last minute solution as it seems to take longer than you ever thought possible to defrost – and if you start using it too early or forget to shake it before using it all the watery bits come off off first
  7. Butter – for emergencies
  8. ‘Take-away’ – I freeze one of those ready meal take-aways you can get from the supermarkets, for those nights that you don’t feel like cooking or like driving out to the take-away
  9. One or two meals that I’ve cooked before and frozen when I’m feeling efficient – and also some that can be cooked directly from the freezer
  10. and for number 10? I don’t know – perhaps I should think about the paint brush?

What have I forgotten? And what do you have in yours? – please let me know.

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