Planning Ahead

Planning ahead is the key to a stress-free week (at least in the kitchen!).

It is amazing how long it took me to realise that most evenings someone needs to cook supper (- me)!

I knew, of course, that I needed to prepare a meal every evening, but it was extraordinary how often I would leave work (usually late) and only on the way home would get that sinking realisation that I had to find something to feed the four of us AND not be late (again) for the school bus! Am I the only person who does this?

It was the week that we had three take-aways in a row and the fourth evening stayed in only to end up eating muesli for supper (there was nothing in the fridge and neither of us had the energy to go out to the shops!) that finally convinced me that I had to do something to organise my life – or at least my kitchen!

I had read lots of articles about planning meals ahead but in all honesty I hadn’t quite believed them before. But it really does mean:

Advantages of planning ahead:

  • less expense
  • less waste
  • healthier meals (at least you have them!)
  • and I would add to those, less stress

Since the muesli-evening I now plan menus at least a week ahead, and the whole family have noticed the difference! Shortly after starting this my 10 year old spontaneously said how fantastic it was to have ‘real suppers’ (- you can imagine the guilt trip that remark caused!)

So if you haven’t tried this before – why not have a go? Try it for a few weeks and I’m sure you’ll be convinced! Alternatively visit this site again soon as I’m hoping to add some of the sample menus we’ve used for you to try – and see if it takes the stress out of your week!

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