If you’re gonna start somewhere – why not here?

How do you decide what to put into a first post?
Well – I don’t know either. But as I drove home just now with the words of Toby Mac ringing in my ears I thought maybe I should just get on with it.

So – Hello.

My name is Annie. I’m a working Mum with two children (one teenager and one going-on-teenage), one workaholic husband, 21 fish and a busy job. I don’t know about you but I find juggling all the different demands of work, family, shopping, homework, cooking etc somewhat stressful and live in dread of one of my spinning plates smashing on the floor! I enjoy cooking, but not every day, and I find that if things get busy, then the thing that tends to get squashed out is the meal preparation. And let’s be honest, I would prefer to spend time playing with my children, or talking to my husband rather than slaving over a hot stove in the kitchen – wouldn’t you?

So over the past several years its been my ambition (well – one of them…) to produce lovely delicious-nutritious meals in the minimum amount of time. And this web-site is dedicated to get-out-of-the-kitchen-fast cooking! – such as:

  • Quick Weekday Recipes can you really cook supper in less than 15 minutes? (it’s certainly fun trying!)
  • Home-made Ready Meals. that are quick to prepare, you know what’s gone into them, and you can freeze them to defrost when needed.
  • Cook Once:Eat Twice. Cook double one night and serve up with a different ‘look’ the next night.
  • Freezer Recipes.
  • Planning Ahead. Probably the one thing that saves the most time – and cuts waste, cuts cost and cuts out those last minute rush trips to the supermarket on the way home from work!

But there are some recipes that are just so delicious that they are worth spending time on, so not all of the recipes you will find here are super-quick time savers.

But please – I don’t have all the answers and am always looking for new tips – if you have any ideas or tips for keeping the family fed and healthy and yourselves sane, please share them here!

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